Contemporary Artists

Alex Guofeng Cao:

Hepburn vs. Dietrich, 2009

Marilyn vs. RFK, 2009

(Chromogenic Prints)

Experimented with various techniques in photography but especially loved working with black and white.  He enjoyed the gradations between very dark and very light shades.  In his most recent work he creates works about popular icons.  He makes a mosaic with smaller images to construct the full image which entails a meaning or story.

Helle Jetzig:

His work includes both painting and photography.  His painting is non-representational true to color and form, while his photography is in black and white and is loyal to form. He makes sure that these two mediums come together cohesively. This process is very time consuming. His photographs are organized and printed on a wooden base and his painting takes weeks to complete. It is then sanded, lacquered and sealed with a finishing varnish.

Mary Capan:

Abstract Art- creating spontaneous yet original paintings.  She focuses on space and creates a world open for imagination.  She is fascinated by combinations of colors and their effects on people as a type of energy.


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